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Camar broadens its range of Next Generation plinth legs by launching Smile System, a winning solution to every needs.

Smile System has been developed from the brilliant idea of adjusting a simple standard plinth leg in a revolutionary way.

Its innovative profile makes it simpler, easier and faster to adjust your kitchen.

Smile System is available in different heights, from 60 to 200 mm, and can be used in combination with the complete range of Camar sockets.

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In a world where the aesthetic aspect is a fundamental requisite, Camar is the right partner to take on the most ambitious challenges.

The constant commitment of our R&D Department has led to the achievement of the brilliant NEXUM line, a highly innovative range of appealing products that have transformed the world of levelling and connection fittings of the most exclusive furniture ranges all around the world.

Nexum is the new range of totally concealed levelling and connection fittings, towards the most pure aesthetic results. A series of solutions which set no limits to creativity and fulfil everybody’s needs, from designers to manufacturers and end customer.

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Art. 316

Are you looking for a leveller which is actually able to give your cabinets the maximum style without giving up on ease of use and on exceptional performances?

316 is your next leveller!

The access to the adjustment of the new 316 Camar leveller is located in the space between the cabinet and the floor and will give the opportunity for you to create new highly aesthetic solutions. 

316 is innovative, because it doesn’t require any drilling for the adjustment.

316 is easy to use, because the adjustment is achieved by a simple hex key.

316 is versatile, because it suits a large number of situations.

316 is reliable, because it guarantees the renowned performing features of the 306 series.

And then, 316 is Camar!

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Camar has revolutionised the world of hanging systems once again, by introducing its new anti-dislodgement system.

The new hanging brackets, in combination with a new shape of hanging rails, allow a solid anchorage of the cabinet to the wall, avoiding any danger of accidental fall.

Camar 3D anti-dislodgement system is the state of the art of safety in the world of hanging brackets.

The anti-dislodgement screw of the bracket exerts a clamping action on the rail, preventing the cabinet from dislodging, both vertically and horizontally.

Hanging brackets with anti-dislodgement system are perfectly interchangeable with standard models, allowing a larger flexibility among several lines of products.

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819 MINI

Once more, the already wide range of Camar hanging brackets for base units has been broadened, this time by the new 819 Mini bracket.

819 Mini is the new concealed hanging bracket, perfectly integrated in specific situations where the available space for the bracket is restricted by the construction specifications.

819 Mini combines an extraordinary loading capacity with a limited visual impact, without giving up on the safety of the Camar anti-dislodgement system.

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