Camar S.p.A.


  1. Deliveries - The delivery times always refer to working days and are stated as information only. Possible delays could not give rise to any claim or cancellation, even partial, of the contract. The supplier will not be responsible for causes beyond control, such as: non-delivery of raw materials, lack of current or motive- power, machineries out of order and strikes. Should one of those events happen, the supplier will have authority to reduce the quantity of the order or to delay the delivery time or to cancel the contract, the buyer will not be entitled to any indemnity, except in case of cancellation when the supplier will repay the buyer the sum that he paid in advance, without interest.
  2. Risk - The buyer bears all risk and danger pertinent to the goods and it's in the interest of buyer to check contents and condition of goods before collection and, to make any reservation to the carrier.
  3. Claims. All claims should be communicated, in writing, to the supplier, within eight days after receipt of goods. The payment of goods must be made even in case of claim.
  4. Invoices must be paid on maturity. On the contrary, the supplier will debit the buyer with the interest on arrears as to the legal rate.
  5. The supplier is the owner of the goods till the full payment of invoice is made (as results from the rule Art. 1523-1526 C.L.).
  6. In case of withdrawal of goods for non-payment, the amount already paid will be hold by the supplier.
  7. Should the condition of buyer change for death, protest for non-payment, withdrawal of civil rights, insolvency and bankruptcy or, in case of change of Partnership which according to the supplier, can lower the patrimonial warranty, the supplier will be entitles to cancel the contract.
  8. All terms and conditions of this contract are essential and make up just one context, therefore, the transgression of one of those conditions entitles the supplier to cancel the contract (Art. 1456 Civil Law).
  9. The non- execution of a contract entitles the supplier to suspend any other outstanding contract.
  10. The buyer could never raise any protest or claim, even by legal means, if he does not fulfil all obligations.
    In no case the buyer can suspend or delay the payment of invoices.
  11. No changes in the above mentioned terms and conditions will be accepted if not made, in writing, to the supplier.
  12. For any action or claim, we will apply to the Court of Como.